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Dental Implants
Dental Implants | You’re walking your dog in the park. The sun is shining, and the day is as perfect as you’d expect.

Dental Implants
Dental Implants
Then boom, a frisbee hits you right in the kisser.

You reel from the hit of the surprisingly solid object, but manage to check on your fluffy friend first. Though something’s missing, and something tastes funny. You’ve just lost a tooth.

Okay, that story was a bit of a stretch. Though there are real killer frisbees out there, so you still have to be careful. But one thing’s certain: when a tooth comes off you’re left with a glaring problem. Thankfully, there’s always a solution.

And that procedure has been around since time memoriam and has been modified and improved to put that smile back in no time.

Cheap Dental Implants

For starters, dental implants are metal posts or frames that are surgically positioned into the jawbone beneath your gums. Once in place, they allow your dentist to mount replacement teeth onto them.

There are two type s of implants approved by the American Dental Association namely Endosteal implants and Subperiosteal implants. These are relatively more expensive than most methods of replacing teeth though provide generally good result.

Endosteal implants are surgically implanted into the jawbone. When the gum tissue surrounding the tooth is healed, another surgery takes place in order to connect a spot to the original implant. To finish, an artificial tooth, depending on the number, will be attached individually to the post or grouped on a denture or bridge.

Subperiosteal implants mainly consists of metallic frames fitted to the jawbone below the tissue of the gums. When the gums heal, the jawbone becomes fixed with the frame. The posts attached to the frame protrude through the gums as artificial teeth are mounted.

How Dental Implant Works

Implants provide more stable support for artificial tooth replacements as they are infused to the jawbone. An all-important boon of these is the guarantee of bridges and dentures mounted to them won’t shift or slip in the mouth when eating or speaking. Just imagine, if that happened, yikes!

Implants will then, of course, feel natural especially compared to conventional dentures or bridges as the secure fit aids them and individual crowns placed over the implant stay firm.

Ordinary dentures and bridges are just not comfortable for some people, and at times, become the reason for sore spots, gagging or poor ridges. Moreover, typical bridges should be attached to teeth on both side of the hole or space left by the tooth that is missing.

Here implants is a superior choice as no adjacent teeth need be ground down or prepared to hold down the new replacement tooth or teeth in its stead.


In order for you to have these miracle workers, first you must have healthy gums, and second, bone support adequate to keep the implant in check.

Lastly, regular dental visits to your dentist or specialist as well as meticulous oral hygiene are paramount to the success of dental implants in the long run.

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Other Services

Regular Cleaning

It is recommended that you see your dentist every six months. It is during these visits that we are able to assess your dental hygiene routine. The main objective is to make sure that your dental health is not in jeopardy by any means from lack of flossing or brushing.

Some people may require to be seen every 3-4 months and that’s due to having some Periodontal problems that needs more frequent cleaning/maintenance

Deep Cleaning

Deep Cleaning (a.k.a. Scale and Root Planing) is a more detailed cleaning. If a patient presents a lot of calcular deposit in their mouth, the dentist would have to numb the mouth in section and clean underneath the gums. Most people who will need a deep cleaning are in between Stages 1 and 2 of Periodontal Disease.

It is imperative that the patient receives Periodontal Maintenance (cleaning every 3-4) months to prevent the disease turning into Advanced Periodontal Disease


When a tooth cannot be saved by any means of conventional dentistry an Extraction is performed. Some extractions are simple and some are considered surgical. Depending on what tooth and the severity of its impaction, an Oral Surgeon may have to perform this procedure.

Patients are advised not to do any heavy lifting or exercise when recovering from an extraction. Post operative instructions are given and are to be followed strictly to prevent Dry Socket (when blood clot has been washed away and tooth/tissue is exposed to air- a painful complication after Extraction

Dental X-rays

The most wonderful tool ever invented for Dentistry! With the naked eyes, the dentist is limited in seeing everything going inside of your mouth. Dental Radiographs allows the dentist to see beyond what is visible. With very limited radiation (you get more radiation watching TV or using cell phones), the dentist can see beneath the gums and can obtain a visual of your full tooth. It is recommended that you take the necessary Dental Radiographs every six months . Be sure to review the frequencies of your Dental X-rays under your dental plan.

Intra-oral Imaging

The Intra-oral camera has become the second most valuable unit in our office. Even with the Dental Radiographs, most people cannot read x-rays.

So with this camera, we are able to get a real, close-up photograph of teeth flaws. It’s a tool that was designed with you in mind so that you can visibly see what the dentist sees.

Dental Exams

It is recommended that you come into the dental office for regular check-ups. It’s not because we think you need another good scolding but because we think it is important to make sure that we monitor everything in mouth such as click here bumps, lesions and sores.

A lot of times, people will see ulcers or tiny bumps in their mouth and think that it is a simple sore or maybe they just bit their tongue accidentally. Would you believe it that those tiny bumps could be some form of infection or even worse- Cancer?

If you have history of cancer and you notice that a bump has been gradually increasing in size, you MUST come in for an evaluation.

Having to come in once every six months is a small sacrifice to make to ensure that your health is intact and free of dental anomalies.

Emergency Palliative

We never hope to see our patients in pain. However, it still happens and when it does, we want to be the ones there for you. We can immediately get you out of pain and/or refer you to a specialist, if needed.

Be sure to call our Emergency Hotline to receive instant relief.

Mouthguards or Nightguards

Mouthguards or Nightguards are appliances that are customized to fit your mouth and fitted to be comfortable in place during sleep, grinding or even playing sports.

They are designed to protect your teeth from further damage from sleep grinding or from playing contact sport.

Oral Cancer Check

With Sapphire Plus Lesion Detection we can find lesions that aren’t visible under white light.Through early detection of lesions, we can potentially save lives.

This treatment is easily administered during your routine check up. Please inquire about this new and advanced way to detect oral cancer.


Never hesitate to get Dental Insurance it ism a very good investment for the future dental emergencies or problems
Always keep a regular hygiene no matter what happens

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